"I Am Worthy"

Group Program

Bust Through BS Societal Programming

Understand how & why you've been trained to be small, silent, & second-guessing yourself... and what to do about it.

Aligned, Diverse Community of ♀️

Join a diverse community of female-identified warriors with shared values and a shared drive for personal and collective change.

Layered Impact Across Your Life

You're going to experience impact across your whole life, starting from the inside-out. From more worthiness, to more opportunities.

Low Time & Price Commitment

The vast majority are stressed & financially insecure right now, for the same reasons that keep us small & silent; Astekah was built for that.

We were not meant to be compliant to what is. 

We were made to create what must be.  

You are who your lineage has been waiting for, the one who will break eon-long patterns of brainwash and grooming, the one who will usher in an era of peace for your bloodline and the world at large.

It's Time to Remember Who You Really Are

Join us✨

Join us for a 4-month group program, where we'll uncover all the ways you've been socialized to remain invisible and self-betraying, and therefore not likely to create lasting change within yourself, your community, our systems, or the world at large.

We're going to remind you of who TF you really are and build a new foundation for the next chapter of your life - a chapter marked by bravery, authenticity, & integrity.

This program is an initiation into the work, which is ultimately intended to launch you into the world as a brave, heart-centered, self-loving, self-knowing, powerhouse leader.

We'll start by confronting all the BS inside of you, as taught to you by systems that benefitted from keeping you feeling unworthy. Why start there? Because you can't confront, change, or create anything in the world without being harmed by it if we don't get the poison out of you, first. 

What the world needs is more people to confront the ways we've been conditioned to deaden and betray ourselves.

What the world needs is more people who feel and treat themselves as WORTHY and ALIVE.

We’re going to tap into our remembrance of who we REALLY are. 

Not who we were taught we are by systemic gaslighting... capitalism, colonialism, narcissism, racism, sexism, classism, ableism. 

We’re going to confront it and then we're going to pull it out, root & stem

Who is this for?

You're ready to confront what keeps you small, stressed, silent, & second-guessing yourself

Astekah Leaders is for fem-identified folk who have been playing small and silent their whole lives, and don't want to any more. Or, rather, they can't. Their desire to just BE THEMSELVES is too strong. They're ready to confront what must crumble for the new to be built within them.

You want to be part of a diverse community of powerful, healing, self-committed, badass women

The level of isolation on the planet right now is artificial and extremely harmful. It prevents us from changing anything substantively, within ourselves or our communities. Astekah is for those who know this deeply and seek aligned community.

You're concerned about your community & the world, & you want to take action

You see what's happening. You see the power-tripping, the global political gaslighting, the unsustainable norms that dictate how we work and love and live. You see the chaos growing. You see the veil thinning of what we were told we were living versus what we are. & you want to do something about it. Quickly. You know that we must.

This world was made for more than unhealthy egos ruling our businesses and political/medical/legal systems.

And you were made for more than simply following them.

What's Included? A Lot of Digestible Support...

Four months of structured, group-based personal development with the goal of helping you uncover the ways you've been socialized to remain invisible and self-betraying, and therefore not likely to create lasting change within yourself, your community, our systems, or the world at large.

We're going to remind you of who TF you really are (someone so powerful your autonomy, wholeness, authenticity, and self-knowledge scares the crap out of corruption), and build a new foundation for a fulfilling, healthy, and impactful life. 

One that's built on the awareness of the endlessly repeating patterns & weapons of corruption, how they've affected you & your lineage, & what you can do about it.

Live Monthly Virtual Workshops: Visualizations, Practicum, & Discussion

Weekly Recommended Exercises: Journaling, Activities and/or Meditations 

Live Monthly Virtual Community & Group Coaching Gatherings

What's The Time Commitment?

Because of the very same conditions that we're going to confront and change, everyone's insanely stressed and busy right now. It's how we're kept from making lasting changes. 

So I know you don't have a surplus of time or energy. 

We're going to work with rather than against that. 

The program is focused on gathering us together once per week for one hour. That's it.

 And you'll get encouragement, support, and recommended actions/reflections/meditations in between via text and email.

Get ready for a different type of revolution. 

One powered by your wholeness, your full power, your intuition *and* your critical thinking. Your remembrance of who TF you really are and where you really come from. They were counting on us to forget. We will remember.


Program Overview

Module 0: Orientation

Module 1: Why You Feel Unworthy & Overwhelmed

Module 2: Reconnecting Back to Your True Self

Module 3: Building a New Life On a Better Foundation

Module 4:  Breaking Generational Cycles 

"In this life many demolitions are actually renovations" ~ Rumi

Let the demolitions begin :)

What Past Participants Have to Say


The group program is priced at $50/month, with additional optional discounted 1-1 coaching.

This is intentionally priced low, not to mirror the quality, but to act as a low barrier to change.

Astekah rejects notions inherent to Capitalism, which has us dehumanizing in the name of profit.

When Does Enrollment Open?

"I Am Worthy" is set to re-open in the Fall 2024


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