Inspiring Audiences to Heal Themselves & The World Through Spiritually-Informed Activism

Amparo weaves together lessons from her experience in healing from systemic and narcissistic abuse, and her background as a highly educated neurodivergent woman of color who grew up in the hood, to take audiences on a journey through personal & collective healing & liberation. 

She blends topics such as spirituality, activism, global relations, entrepreneurship, mindfulness, energetic attraction, personal growth, self-care, collective change, abuse consciousness, and normalized systemic harm.

Whether through a speech, a workshop, a panel, a podcast, or a summit, join Amparo on an empowering exploration of the power of the aligned human spirit, the variety of experiences under often covert, normalized abusive norms, & how collective change is possible only through the remembering and reclaiming of our true identities & true worth.

The whole world's stuck in normalized systemic harm (burnout, anyone?) and a resultant trauma response, keeping the vast majority of us sick, stressed, small, silent, and second-guessing ourselves. 

What the whole world needs is safety & healing.

Time for change.


"Amparo graced our event, Behavioral Health Affairs at Health Career Connection, with her presence as a speaker, where I had the privilege of serving as co-organizer in my capacity as Program Director. Amparo's charisma, kindness, and wisdom shone brightly as she navigated us through her journey—from her upbringing in Los Angeles, confronting trauma, advancing through graduate school, to founding her own business. Her story profoundly inspired our students, many of whom expressed their gratitude for her vulnerability and the insightful exploration into a career trajectory within mental health coaching—a field often shrouded in misunderstanding. Amparo's friendship, thoughtfulness, and unyielding desire to learn and make a positive impact wherever she goes are truly commendable. I wholeheartedly offer her my highest recommendation."

- Anjali Marie Albuquerque, Program Director, Health Career Connection

Press Bio

Originally hailing from South Central Los Angeles, Amparo got an early education in the fight for equality and empowerment amidst sizable systemic challenges. It was there that Amparo first developed a strong passion for helping others, which she carried with her through her academic career at Stanford (BA in International Relations) and George Washington University (MA in International Affairs) and through her career across industries. This passion helped her turn her experience of surviving severe covert narcissistic abuse into support for others, also recovering from their own experiences of individual or systemic abuse.

After working in organizations such as the International Monetary Fund and Stanford and Neurodynamic Breathwork, Amparo recently became the founder of Astekah & BIPOC-CX, which she created to assist marginalized communities during our increasingly chaotic and challenging times, especially for those most systemically disempowered.

Through them, she aims to help create new leaders in the world, those that will not conform themselves to current conditions and norms, but who will unwaveringly challenge all - starting within themselves - and create from a space of wholeness and worthiness, and service to humanity. Her vision is one of a world where power rests in the hands of those who lead from their heart & unwaveringly challenge the status quo to its core.

As part of her work, Amparo also sits on the Inaugural Alumni Leadership Council for Girls Inc., a national nonprofit dedicated to girl's empowerment; and she's in the process of launching a podcast in partnership with Light Haven, a spiritual nonprofit that's focused on alleviating poverty one person at a time.

Topics Include

The World's On Fire

Our Urgent Need for Spiritually-Informed Activism

Rebelling by Healing 

The Shattering Domino Effect of Authenticity, Worthiness, Self-Love, & Boundaries

Recovering Your Badassery

Healing from Individual & Systemic Abuse

WTF, Work?

Confronting Normalized Abuse in the Workplace and Beyond

Previous Speaking Engagements Include


"Leading up to the session, I was impressed by how Amparo’s incredible passion and humility were equally matched with her creativity and expertise on a subject matter that isn’t often taught to young people of color.

On the day of her session, Amparo connected so easily with our students and they raved afterwards about how they appreciated having an expanded understanding of what self-care really is.

If you’re looking for a self-care professional that will deliver quality content with ease and grace to a diverse audience, you should definitely consider Amparo! She was wonderful!"

- Ayosike Akingbade, Director, Harlem Children’s Zone

Podcast Guest Spots

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Welcome to the Personal Development Trailblazers Podcast! In this episode, we dive into surviving trauma and moving into healing.

Amparo is the founder of Astekah, where - through meditations, workbooks, and coaching - she supports women reclaim their feeling of joy and worthiness after hardship.

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The Spiritual & Practical Side of Intuition

"All I can say right now is WOW! There was a theme that really resonated with my personal life that Amparo realllllyyy dug deep into which is INTUITION, INNER WARRIOR & ENERGY DEPLETION.... and believe me there was so so so so much more!

'You exist for a reason!' -Amparo💕"