Heal from toxicity, break the chains of societal conditioning, and rediscover your innate worth & joy

Our coaching programs are designed to help you heal from individual and systemic toxicity, break free from the limitations imposed by societal conditioning and reconnect with your innate worth. Whether you're seeking one-on-one guidance or a monthly coaching commitment, we're here to support you on your path to healing and transformation.

What to Expect

In a 60-minute coaching session, we'll delve into your current challenges, including individual and societal factors contributing to them. Through targeted guidance and discussion, we'll address how stress, silence, and self-doubt manifest in your life and work together to overcome them. 

This personalized session offers a supportive environment to confront limiting beliefs, identify root causes, and take actionable steps toward reclaiming your power and worth.

Our monthly coaching program provides continuous support and accountability, delving deeper into the individual and societal factors. Through regular 60-minute sessions, we'll explore the impact of stress, silence, and self-doubt on your life and work toward sustainable solutions. 

This ongoing commitment fosters holistic personal development, empowering you to heal, break free from societal constraints and cultivate self-love. Together, we'll confront deep-seated conditioning, embrace your worthiness, and navigate the path to authentic empowerment and leadership.

In between all sessions, you'll receive guidance on how to continue the work of healing and reclaming your worthiness, joy, and badassery. You are not alone.



“Amparo is an incredible coach. I worked with her for 3-months and they were some of the most life-changing moments of my life. In fact, because of our work, I completely pivoted the business idea I had at the start of our time together and launched a few short months after. I couldn't have done this without Amparo's help. I felt seen, heard, and validated by her, which is so important as an entrepreneur because we are in our heads quite a bit. When I was bogged down by the details, she held my vision front and center. But, when it was time to execute, she was an excellent accountability partner. She's thorough, clear, and thoughtful in her work. One of the things I love the most about working with Amparo was that her authenticity is at the center of everything she does. This gave me permission to do the same which is a win-win for my bottom line.”

Josie R.


“We've worked with Amparo for over a year.  She's a deep listener and she's able to sift through our words to pinpoint what we really needed.  Her infectious personality brightens up your day and makes the work not seem like work.  We appreciate and love her insights.  Her unique skillsets help us identify specific areas for improvement.  Amparo is an incredibly talented resource that will be an asset to you”

R. M.


“Amparo is firstly a beautiful soul who has so much love and light to give others 🙏🏻 

Working through my challenges with Amparo is a joy as her smile and calm warm voice instantly puts me at ease and reassures me, it’s all gonna be ok and I can do this!  [...] I’m now feeling confident and competent to put in place the challenges she helped me break down into small simple tasks.  Thank you so much beautiful lady for being here for all of us and supporting us in our own personal journey. ”

T. L.


One-Time 60-Min Session


Monthly 60-Min Session


Twice Per Month 60-Min Sessions


Participants in my group program receive access to discounted coaching, as well as more time options.