Heal from Toxicity  & Remember Who TF You Are

Joyful. Resilient. Worthy. Badass.

We've been through a lot.

Abusive relationships, systemic oppression, exploitative workplaces.

It's understandable if you're tired. We all are.

We haven't been allowed to rest.

Guilted into running ourselves into the ground, conditioned to chase after external validation as our sole source of worthiness...

Now, things like burnout & imposter syndrome run amok. 

Both symptoms of harmful systems & norms not made by us or for us.

This is not how we're meant to live.

 It's time to remember who you are. 

You are here on the planet because you were made for this.

Made to break what must be broken. Made to build the new.

Starting within yourself.

Time to confront your fears and become the "you" you're meant to become in the world.

Whether through coaching, meditations, workbooks, or our flagship group program, "I Am Worthy", Astekah is here to shake shit up with & for you, & remind you of who TF you really are.

Time to change the world, starting with you.